Its all about trust

As we had merged, the situation was now that Pastor Colin Craggs found himself in the position of having been Senior Pastor, now as Associate.

Prior to the merge I had asked him for the timeline of when he would leave the church. I have a good friend who became a Pastor at a Church when the former Senior Pastor stayed. Now while I could go into detail of what happened with his church, I wont, because that is his story to tell. But suffice to say, that situation did not end well with the former senior Pastor eventually leading a church split.

Fortunately we had no such issues with Inglewood Church. In fact Colin could not have been a better associate and help to me. We ran a church wide small group program, Colin helped with transition and understanding the culture of Inglewood Church of Christ people. I could not have led the church without his help and leadership. Without his humbleness, forthrightness when needed and wisdom….God is good.

I have had a number of people ask me about merges, and it appears we broke most of the rules. We did it quickly, with not all the details sorted out. But the reason it worked was because the merge was based on trust, not mistrust. Mistrust means everything has to be worked out. Almost like a couple contemplating marriage might discuss the division of property if things dont work out. We were determined that things would work out, and the issues we faced, we would face together.

We certainly faced some issues together, primarily over the Sunday worship music, property and other issues. But there was nothing that was insurmountable as we approached it together. Colins advice, prayer and working behind the scenes was invaluable.

When it came time for Colin and Carolyn to leave, it was with much regret that I said goodbye. He had become a very valuable friend and member of the Pastoral team.

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