It really is not how you start, anyone can start well

I am continuing my reading one chapter a time this year. At the moment I am plowing my way through 1 Samuel.

The thing that strikes me in the early chapters is how well Saul is doing. He is humble, gracious, kind and indeed he even prophesies! He is showing character exactly what you would want in a king. The problem dear reader is that we all know how it ends up for Saul. Jealous. Murderous threats. A soiled legacy. But we are not there yet in my plowing.

Then we come to 1 Samuel 12 where Samuel the prophet stands before the people at his retirement speech. I don’t think he gets a gold watch but he wants some feedback on his legacy. Did I do okay, did I ever rob you, did I perform my duties as your prophet and priest well?

The people reply with yes, you never robbed us, you cared for us, you did well mate.

I will continue my devotions in 1 Samuel. I know at some point I am going to sigh as Saul devolves into the king we never wanted. But it is a salient reminder. Anyone can start well. No one remembers that. It is how you finish that matters.