Bill Hybels and risk

From Bill Hybels comes this quote,

In Kingdom work, you really do not have the luxury of not taking risks
because we have a world we are trying to win. In a business situation, you can
say, ‘Let’s cut risks this year. We’ve got a million in the bank. All we want to
do is maintain.’ But those of us who are building churches are under a mandate
to move ahead. We are told by our ultimate leader Jesus Christ that we have to
get out there and try to reach people. Which then forces you to be in a
risk-taking mode a good portion of the time. And so I am proud of pastors who,
in the spirit of trying to take new ground, the spirit of trying to reach new
people – who bump their nose once in a while, and who learn a lesson, and who
bump against a guard rail and learn a little bit. At least they’re out there
trying to fulfill the mandate. At least they are in motion trying to do
something great for God. What irks me is when someone gets to the end of a
twelve month period of time and they have clean hands and a clean desk and
nobody can accuse them of anything and they didn’t take any ground. Show me
dirty hands and a messy desk and a few bumps and bruises and a baptism tank
filled with 35 people in it and I’ll take that every time.”

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