Cheese deliverer or giant killer

Do you want to be known as a cheese deliverer or a giant killer.

This is the title of the brief talk I am going to give Sunday night at our FYG (Friday Youth Group) camp…….

5 thoughts on “Cheese deliverer or giant killer”

  1. Yeah – I think I can see a connection there, cheese deliverer v giant killer, – nah, just joking, you got me????

  2. David was a young man when he went to see his brothers fighting the battle against Goliath…..he was delivering cheese….

    his brothers saw him as a cheese deliverer, and despised him for trying to be something more….God saw him as a giant killer….

  3. :)…..the kids are different, no doubt. more sophisticated, I think its tougher for kids today, more is expected of them.

    But the leaders we have as soooo good.

    I remember the camps we had in Albany, when I was 18, and these 13 year olds seem to have so much more responsibility…

    they are growing up too fast.

    The leaders we have are helping them to remember they are still kids, and the depth of affection and respect….its really great to see.

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