Comfort zones

Everytime I think about what our church is doing, really doing, I think….goodness we are out of our comfort zone.
For a church our size, we are doing far more than what could be expected, what is ‘normal’.
Two full time pastors, one part time childrens worker.
Very succesful outreach programs……more starting in 2nd term.

Don’t get me wrong, its not me thats doing this….its our people.
They are giving, serving, involved and motivated……such good people.
While some come and go, as is to be expected, I am just aware of the journey we have begun as a church together. I wonder who we will be ministering with at the end?

This year we may very well have no building, no temporary facilities, and nowhere to go permanently.

It is a massive task we are taking on. As the real decision time comes closer, it is more than a little daunting. We are going to have to grab far more than you could expect, and work like crazy…

But do I want a boring safe life? No….never have.
In the next few months… will be far from that.

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