One way to lose weight…and then put it on again

Regular readers of this blog might remember severe abdominal pains which I suffered over 12 months ago which meant a forced stay in
RP Hospital for 3 or 4 days. They never really did know the cause at the time.
Well yesterday was the culmination of this particular journey when I had my appendix removed.
Apparently it was pretty inflamed and in my surgeons words, “definitely the cause of the pain”. This was a real suprise to me because the last month has been pretty pain free…….The past two days has not been. It hurts….at the moment I am sitting comfortably with my laptop, but if I stand up, or need to go to the you know what….mmmmm….it hurts.
I asked my doctor pre-op if I could play volleyball this coming Monday night, he laughed, and I can tell why.
But he has told me that my recovery has gone really well, despite the appendix being a ‘difficult one to extract’……..

Can’t complain though, the food at St John of God’s Murdoch was pretty filling, and any weight I lost through having my appendix removed, has been put back on!!!

4 thoughts on “One way to lose weight…and then put it on again”

  1. I’m feelin ya. Had a hernia fixed a little while back, yeeouch! Shuffling around for a few days. I think when you’re under they like using your stomach as a trampoline just to see if if bounces the same!
    Pray you’re back on your feet soon

  2. Bummer, sorry to hear mate.
    Hope you get better soon. Pity the footy hasn’t started so you can put the time on the couch to good use!

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