Good Friday Message

Speaking on Friday (God willing)….here is a couple of quotes from my message….

“Whether it is our parents mortality or our own old age, all of us will one day, die.
Now while I hope all of us are remembered, and have a fitting tribute given to us, I seriously doubt that any of our deaths will receive the same amount of attention as the death of Jesus Christ.”
“Sometimes preachers get up and say that God is waiting for you, God wants to be your friend, God wants to offer you grace…..and that is all true…but quite frankly its good that its all true, because you need it. As the soldier stood there and was terrified, full of terror he realized that this guy dying on the cross was the only hope he had….how amazing, unbelievable is that, what a paradox it is. And as all of us head towards our own mortality, head towards death, all of us need God, God does not need us, Jesus does not need us, He created us, He made us, He expects us to follow Him, He is in charge of everything, including death, and we need Him, as you face your own mortality, you need God. “

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