Easter Sunday Message

Here are a couple of snippets from my message I am going to give on Easter Sunday.

The reason we cant, or dont, show the Passion movie in church, particularly when children are in the service, is because it is so graphic in its accurate portayal of what happened to Christ on Good Friday. It was such an awful, injust and dehumanising event to be crucified, and Jesus suffered at the hands of people who hated Him. The Bible says He was scarred, ripped raw, bleeding for our transgressions.
Now the point is, why did He suffer so much? Well the standard Sunday School answer is that He suffered so much because of us, for our sins.
What we have to come to grips with is the fact that the Cross was so awful, because it demonstrates the awfulness of our sin. It demonstrates so clearly that our rebellion against God is something which is truly abhorent. To deny God is the most awful thing….and the awful things which happened to Christ demonstrates this.

(next I speak about Kevin Rudd’s apology and how it is a illustration of how Christ, in effect, said sorry to God for us, Christ took responsibility for our sin)

Each one of us is responsible for what we do with God, it is up to us, we have free will, in how we respond to God

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