Easter Sunday Warrior

Thanks God for showing up today, letting us know Your strength.

I got up after the first bracket of songs we sung (band was incredibly good this morning), and something I was not even thinking of saying, it just came out, like a wind that could not be contained.

It went something like this….
In Genesis 3 the prophecy of Jesus is given.
That He would crush the head of the the serpent, and he would bruise His heal.
Jesus did get bruised…to put it lighty…..
but He also did some serious crushing…..which is the understatement of the season.

Jesus is no namby pamby mummies boy walking around in a white linen coat.
Easter is about this incredible warrior who took everything the evil forces of the world could throw at him….and then stood up and crushed them with his foot.
Thats my Jesus, thats the warrior I follow.

He’s pretty scary, pretty dangerous, and I follow Him.

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