Well it could have been a lot worse Fremantle Dockers

Hawthorn are a good side, and with Crawford and others back soon, they will only get better.
They kicked a goal in the first minute of the second, third and fourth quarter….
Grover did really well on Buddy Franklin, but Franklin still played well and had an effective game.
The three new players were exceptional.
Rhys Palmer is a gun player…a dead set gun. Seriously, he will play every game this year if he does not get injured.
Ibbotson was great, one tackle which forced a turnover…well I got up on my feet and cheered.
Chris Mayne….well he has great player written all over him. A number of times tonight he forced turnovers….by just attacking the player and the ball.

Yes it was sad we lost, but what I did like about Freo tonight was that they never gave up.
A second term lead ended up being insurmountable, but you know, up until the last few minutes…they kept coming at the Hawks…a resolve which will hold them in good stead.

Other notable things….
Sandilands is starting to fulfill his potential…played well tonight.
Roger Hayden…who is one of my favourites, was responsible for too many clangers.

Jeff Farmer continued his vein of unselfish play, and went through the midfield a lot tonight.
Bell, Pavlich, J Carr all played well.

14 thoughts on “Well it could have been a lot worse Fremantle Dockers”

  1. Re: Sandilands:

    Hit Outs – Freo 40, Hawks 20
    Clearances – Freo 28, Hawks 36


    Just hitting the ball isn’t enough, you need to hit it to YOUR TEAM.

  2. roo…..he is, thats the problem…many times he hit it to a freo player, and then they had it ‘stolen’ off them.
    He is an exceptional ruckman and will only get better.

  3. I disagree re Sandilands.

    Personally, I think he is the most over rated ruckman in the league.

    He obviously aint too bright. You only have to look at the difference in clearances a player like Josh Carr has now, compared to Port. He had Primus and Lade to work off, but they had fewer hit outs than Sandi. But Sandi has next to no awareness of the players moving around him… and as a ruckman, that perception and awareness is vital.

    It’s why Warnock made such a huge difference last year.

    Not to mention Warnock’s around the ground work compared to Sandis…

    They don’t bother manning him up, because we’re one down when he’s on the field… a completely ineffective player.

    Just calling it like I see it… as a cynical dockers member of 14 years… or how many painful years it’s been??/

  4. Proves my point doesn’t it?

    He should be effective, but isn’t.

    The article just says how dumb he is, and not aware of who is getting on top.

    Exactly my criticism, and proves my point.

  5. Yes I did:

    “Only Brisbane’s Jamie Charman and Melbourne’s Jeff White have had more hit-outs intercepted this year.

    Fremantle get clean possession from Sandilands’ taps 28 per cent of the time, but the opposition have won the ball from 30 per cent of his knocks.”

    His ruck knocks, in trading terms, have a negative expectancy. You don’t actually want him to win the knocks, because it advantages the other team more than our own. The stats show that loud and clear.

  6. the article backs up exactly what i said. He is a terrible tap ruckman…? He might tap it, but not to advantage.

    You don’t blame the goal posts for not doing their job when you kick it through for a point…

  7. I go to the games and see what happens…
    he taps it to the right people….it gets sharked, stolen whatever….

    you guys are wrong. But you are allowed to be, its part of being human.
    and I dont think you have read that article, or at least if you had, you would be disagreeing with it.

  8. No, you are wrong 🙂 I goto a few dockers games each year and watch them on the tv almost every week. And I did read that article in full. I still hold to my opinion that he doesn’t tap to advantage.

    funny how we can both look at the same thing and take two opposing views…reminds me of how things often happen in churches….

    i can only hope i don’t try and take the higher ground in church over these sorts of things because i am the ‘expert’ but rather remain open to the fact that there are no experts, only followers of Jesus…

    there you go, Footy really is a Godly pursuit.

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