Pray for Zimbabwe

Early reports suggest the opposition parties think they are going to win the election. God, I hope and pray so. I know that no matter what else happens, this poor country has a long way to go to recovery, but getting this evil man out of power, who has destroyed this beautiful country, would be a great start.

“Zimbabwe’s main opposition party says it expects to win the country’s general election based on unofficial early returns from Saturday’s vote.
The secretary-general of the Movement for Democratic Change, Tendai Biti, told a news conference Sunday “we have won this election.”

Pray for this man, Morgan Tsvangirai. Here he watches his wife, Susan, right, cast her vote in Harare, 29 Mar 2008.

One thought on “Pray for Zimbabwe”

  1. Good news emerging, but not sure how Mugabe and his cronies will handle this. Hopefully there is a LEarjet filled up and ready to leave in hours to some safe haven in Africa where he can spend his millions on his remaining retinue.
    May the basketcase be transformed into a breadbasket once again!

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