The cracks are starting to appear at the West Coast Eagles

Exhibit one
The Eagles’ senior players were criticised by chief executive Trevor Nisbett following last weekend’s nightmare against Adelaide. Nisbett took the unusual step of going public with his dissatisfaction following the Eagles’ demoralising 74-point defeat to the Crows, calling the last quarter effort a disgrace and warning senior players they needed to improve out of sight. Speaking ahead of Saturday’s western derby, Worsfold said he expected them to do just that against the Dockers, making talk of sweeping changes redundant. “I doubt it will happen this week, and I doubt it will happen down the line because we expect our senior players to get out of that,
Worsfold said. “We know they will bounce back, so that will not be an issue. And Worsfold said while Nisbett was entitled to voice his opinion, it held no sway inside the match committee room. “Trevor, certainly as CEO, is entitled to make his opinion felt, but he has no impact on our match committee selection,” Worsfold said.

Exhibit Two
But Worsfold was quick to remind his chief executive about who held the ultimate responsibility of picking the side.
“Trevor’s entitled as a CEO to make his opinion felt but … he has no impact on our match committee selection,” Worsfold said.

“I doubt it (wholesale changes as Nisbett voiced) will happen this week and I doubt it will be down the line because … we know how good they (our senior players) are and we know they’ll bounce back and that won’t be an issue.”

They weren’t the only comments Worsfold was forced to counter this week.
Worsfold, as shown in my post below….is also defending his assistant coach, Sumich, who one suspects has sour grapes after applying for the senior position at Freo, but failing to even get an interview….

I think the fallout from the Gillard report is far from over…..

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  1. I dont know…she might be….. I did not do much, except express some dissapointment when Dodd gave away a pretty important 50metre penalty in the last quarter….

    pretty happy with the result!

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