A Pastors day

My days are far from typical…..Today…..

Head off to Officeworks for some things for the office. Then to Bunnings to get some silastic (tell you what for in a moment)

First coffee of the day, then into a Toddler Jam meeting. Great people, great conversation. Reminded of the vision, to reach and make real relationships with the literally hundreds of people using our program. Encouraged to not focus on the hundreds, but one or two. We break off into our daily groups and pray for those (by name) who come on our day. I man the welcome desk on Friday.

Then into the office to print off some Anzac Day Postcard size invitation leaflets. We have a Vietnam Vet coming (not a believer). I want us as a church to thank him for his service to his country. They got very little thanks when they returned. In fact he told me a harrowing story of having buckets of blood (literal) thrown over him at the ‘coming home’ parade in Sydney. RSL rejected them, told him he was not a real soldier.

Made some more phone calls about the property we are looking to purchase. Its a real possibility, but there are some issues. Researched the possibilities of changing the zoning, and the cost of siteworks, which with the block we are considering buying, is going to be expensive and possibly time consuming.

Then I did some preparation for the 2gether conference. I am responsible for the sound, multi media, sponsorship, delegate bags. I got a whole heap of pens from Christian Funeral Company (one of our sponsors) and prepared some more of the 200 delegate bags.

Finally I got up on my ladder, ripped down part of the ceiling in our foyer to repair a leak in the tin roof. Not entirely succesful, but hopefully its better.

Wheh!! Time to go home for roast chicken, yorkshire puddings and a cold Tooheys New…..And a cuddle with my family.

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