2gether Pastors Conference 2008 Part Two

Wednesday was the best day of the conference, in terms of input from speakers.
Karen Siggins from Lesmurdie nailed a great talk on stress. She said that when we feel stressed our normal reaction is to try and remove the things which are stressing us out, to remove part of our lives which cause us stress. As pastors this is not always possible or even desirable. So instead she basically said we need to be able to laugh, have a spark of madness about us and remember what truly gives us hope.

Tim Hanna
Public life determined by private
Difference between public & private
Whats keeping your life vibrant ?
Need to be teachable
Need for both a Barnabae and a Timothii in your life
We need to be the people who consistent example
John 13
Ability to serve comes from security of life
Need for Persistence & Resistance

It was a great conference. 197 delegates (up about 35 from last year), great times of food, fun, fellowship, worship, networking…rejoicing.

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