Standing up for what is right

Being a pastor means sometimes telling people what they don’t want to hear, but need to.
Straddling the very blurred line between coming off as a self righteous twat…and the other line of being a wobbling jelly fish desperatly seeking to osmosis itself into everyones good books.

Today I took a little step in the direction of the srt..hopefully it was not a step that was over balanced.

I questioned someone who was focused on the way something was being done, rather than focusing on the depth of meaning behind the ritual. Seriously….worship in its its many forms calls us to remember, worship and commune with Christ.

As someone who seeks to facilitate an environment where people can come and commune together, you dont always get it right.
Examples? Mispelt words, music thats either innapropriate or distracting rather than enhancing, a message which has an ‘off’ illustration, a neighbours lawnmower…things you can and should control, and things you cannot. If someone can be distracted, then they might be.

But as some point, mature Christians need to be told….focus on Christ.

4 thoughts on “Standing up for what is right”

  1. The key word is “mature”. Maturity is something that many claim to be, but their actions disprove this.
    Trust things will go well with this issue.

  2. WOAH!! Well done team.

    It is so true. I have often said ‘when i don’t feel like worshipping, it is because there is something wrong in my relationship with God (from my end, not God’s). Unfortunately, I think for a lot of us, we don’t even realise this is the case!

    One of my acom units at the moment is looking into the laments in the psalms, something we seem to have lost in contemporary church. Do we need to find ways of allowing people to ‘lament’, to tell God exactly how they feel, as a means to helping move them towards being able to praise God?

    Don’t ask me how we’d do this, but it is an interesting question!

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