1 cent

Have you ever thought of putting $20.01 worth of petrol in your tank, and then cheerfully handing the attendant a crisp $20 note?

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  1. i use to work at a servo… the amout of people who put $20.03 in when trying to do that then had to either find 5c or put up with a lot of coin change…..

    the pumps click over very quick… so it isn’t too easy…

  2. I always ‘aim’ to get smack bang on, but as Deano said, they tick over so quick it will often read $20.01 or whatever. (Yeah, I know I could use pre-fill amounts…but thats effort)

    But, as Mark said, it doesn’t really matter as 19/20 times I use card!

  3. If Petrol is priced at $1.50 a litre then the additional cent will buy you 6.6ml of fuel.

    A modern medium sized car gets around 10 litres/100km in combined urban/open road driving.

    This means you 1 cent of fuel will take you about 66 metres.

    So after driving out the driveway of the servo you can stop feeling guilty because you are driving on your own dollar again.

    (I can’t believe I just went through the exercise of working all that out. . .)

  4. Surely 2cents would be fine?

    And if your like my parents whose driveway is the one next to the petrol station…your likely to feel guilty for much longer!

    (Slow day in the office Grendel? hehe)

  5. Not at all – it was wildly busy with buget stuff, but since I was playing with numbers my head was off in calculator space already.

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