Freo forget how to win

Just play the same way every quarter…and we will beat more sides than lose to them.

6 thoughts on “Freo forget how to win”

  1. of course we couldn’t call the quaters, and there wouldn’t therefore be a half time….so when do all the kiddies get to play auskick?

    Nah sorry Mark, your plan to reduce AFL to three ‘periods’ is not child friendly, and if there is one thing i have gathered about your church, it has a big kid focus.

    You will just have to put up with Freo losing, but be comforted by the fact that ‘it’s for the kiddies’ 🙂

  2. Ha!
    after seeing my seven year old lay the best tackle on a kid (I am not exagerating) 3 times his size, drag him to the ground, pick up the ball and kick pass to a teamate…its all about Auskick for me from hear on in.
    Mind you, the umpire spoilt the party when he told him…nice kick Clem but no tackling in Auskick!
    Dont ugly parent syndrome…Clem got told to always listen to the umpire!

  3. I heard a stat on the broadcast that you’ve lost the last four games after leading at 3/4 time.
    The previous holder of that Stat was the Saints.
    So thanks for doing that.

  4. yep.. and the saints set that record in 1940. *sob*. well, we’ll butter up again this week and send the port bogans packing

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