Craig Turley on Compass

Craig Turley – Heaven and Hell
After reaching the pinnacle of the AFL as a premiership player, former West Coast Eagles’ star, Craig Turley’s life has been a struggle and a journey towards identity, belief and inner peace. Featuring on ABCTV’s Compass program at 10pm this Sunday this story also includes input from Church of Christ Chaplain to the Eagles, Neil Fong

I’ve always felt different. I’ve never quite felt that I’ve fitted in wherever
it is that I’ve been, as much as I’ve been accepted there. Whether that was in
school, in the Police Force or in my football career,”

Craig Turley.

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  1. it was a great insight into this great player, even tho i don’t follow the mob up the road [wce] coz i’m a docker supporter – its something that those who are searching can relate to. you didn’t happen to record it? i did via my PC card however am unable to convert it to a more user-friendly format.

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