Great Sunday Fresh….Kids

We had a great service today. I had someone step up to the PC to do the multi-media..which was good.

Eliot and the crew had a good time during the singing….with our trumpet player doing a beautiful job of his solo…really good moment.

The theme was “Fresh” dealing with freshening up our relationships with our kids…
I showed a clip from “cheaper by the dozen” where Steve Martin gives up his dream job to embark on a more important dream, raising his kids.
Q gave a practical and good message on parenthood…online soon.

Then to finish it all off…Eliot and the crew did an excellent version of “Cats in the Cradle”…this song is not originally by Cat Stevens…as many think, and a remake was not done by Guns and Roses…as many think. Rather the original version was by Harry Chapin, and the excellent remake by ‘Ugly Kid Joe’.
I did up a multi media presentation to play while they performed the song live. In it I showed pictures of a lot of kids from church and from our community programs.

It was a great service in the sense of all the elements working together. Afterwards we had soup and bread together in the hall….and it was great to see everyone hang around for some real fellowship time.

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