Varied day…thats for sure….

For what is really important, today was a great day for me.

We had a good Sunday AM at church. I spoke my first message on “Dangerous Church”. Talked about the Church in Acts….and how they became dangerous to the community around them. How God is dangerous…not safe or comfortable. (It will be online at Bedford Site soon)

Afterwards we had a good members meeting. We only have them sporadically now, and they are normally good and encouraging. Then….we heard some great and positive news…which relates to the “huge news”. I will go public with this shortly.

Now…to the footy. While the result was another dissapointing loss…it was good to spend some time with a new friend, fellow coffee nut…and deeply interested in spiritual issues…like me.

Then the family and I had the best, freshest Turkish bread in Perth…and some lovely fresh dip…from the local Turkish shop on Beaufort Street.

6 thoughts on “Varied day…thats for sure….”

  1. better than the sound of creaking as 20,000 weegirls supporters jump off the bandwagon….

    how was the game on saturday…did you watch it??

  2. Funny thing, the only game I’ve seen is the the one from the week before, which we won, and the first half of the game that you lost.

    I may live in a bubble, but it’s a happy place.

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