Rick Warren and the PEACE Plan

Rick Warren is becoming, if he is not already, the most influential Christian of our time. Thank goodness he has integrity and God given purpose.

This article in Time Magazine sums up what is the next step, PEACE Plan. Warren is doing something Bono tried to do, get churches involved in a global welfare program. Pastors who have been cynical or maybe even detatched from overseas mission are not ignoring Warren’s call to be Jesus to suffering people all over the world.

The Time picks up on this, “The PEACE program is an attempt to radically re-engineer Evangelicalism’s huge missionary culture, connecting individual churches in the U.S. to congregations in target countries rather than funneling aid and evangelism through agencies that send trained professionals into the field”

I have no problem with para church organisations, they are needed, because churches have not necesarily been great at organising this sort of stuff themself. But Warren’s model is incredible in its simpleness and directness in getting churches directly involved. Something ABMS tried to do through their ‘adopt a people group’ program.

Lets hope Warren gets to our part of the world soon, and we can get on board with this.

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