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Hi all who read this blog….this news is also on my Church’s web site…but here it is for those of you interested. We can finally go public with it as Inglewood Church of Christ and our church have agreed to it all now…..

Huge News Goes Public Thursday 5th July Thursday, June 05, 2008 2:11:00 PM
The most well known secret in our church’s history is now public news……

Over a number of years Bedford Baptist Church and Inglewood Church of Christ have discussed the possibility of merging into one unified congregation.

The parallels in our culture and kingdom focus is obvious, as are the complementary nature of the two communities.

Inglewood Church of Christ have already taken the courageous move of holding their Sunday Worship Service at the Inglewood Community Centre. Bedford Baptist have wanted to hold their service there for some time. Bedford Baptist Church are in the process of subdividing and selling their present facilities to enable them to build a Community Performing Arts Centre, containing a multi-media focused auditorium, a Kid Friendly Cafe and a Dance floor. In the interim, they need somewhere to meet. As God would direct, the time for Bedford needing to move out of their present location has become pressing, and the opportunity with changes occurring at Inglewood Church of Christ is now.

Both congregations are unanimous in their support of the move, while also recognizing their will be sadness at leaving behind facilities which have served them well for many decades.
The new church will be known as the Inglewood Community Church, with affiliation with the Baptist Union, but also honouring its Church of Christ heritage. As per Church of Christ practice, Communion will be celebrated every week. Pastor Mark Edwards will become the Senior Pastor of the merged church, with Pastor Colin Craggs continuing in a pastoral role as Associate Pastor. Pastor Eliot Vlatko will also continue as an Associate and Quentin Gribble will continue as Children’s Worker. In early 2009 Pastor Craggs will be taking on a leadership role in a mission work in India.

The newly formed church will commence combined worship services from Sunday July 6th. It is expected that there will be a celebration service sometime in September when representatives from both denominations will be asked to attend.
Pastor Mark Edwards believes this is a model for not only sustainability, but also with a kingdom focus. Both churches haver a culture of being outward focused, and we believe this merge will only benefit the long term work of causing community transformation.

7 thoughts on “Huge News Revealed”

  1. Congratulations Mark, and to all the Bedford Baptist and Inglewood Church of Christ community. Sounds like it’s a brave and exciting move, and both communities should be commended for being so ready to accept what will undoubtedly be a big and challenging change.

    Hope and pray that this will be a great beginning for the mission of the Kingdom of God in your community

  2. Sorry, that last sentence was poorly phrased, I meant something like: “Hope and pray that this will be a great beginning of something new for the mission of the Kingdom of God in your community”

    Too quick on the old “Submit” button.

  3. great stuff, I hope a few other churches might be inspired by your move and follow your lead. Good luck, with managing the change as well as as you look to do your build.

  4. Congratulations to both congregations and their leadership on being prepared to think outside the box, pool resources, think smart and help bring unity into the body of Christ.

    I would love to be part of something like over here in QLD but there are no obvious candidates for us. When I do hear of it I am always thrilled.

    There will no doubt be hassles etc, but the end result will be worth it. May God take your new church to new heights!

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