Response is necessary

Listening to one of my favourite speakers the other night, Mark Driscoll. Despite him being one of my favourites, he says some things I disagree with, or don’t like.

One thing he emphasises is the soveriegnity of God…and the election of the Saints.
But then…at the end of the message…he called for a response. Even as he was speaking it seemed to me that he was a little uncomfortable with asking for a response. It seemed a little incogruous that after explaining and preaching in detail on how we are “God’s elect”…he then called for a response….

God requires a response. His love requires a response. Maybe…..maybe when we are part of the body of Christ we look back and see we are part of ‘the elect’….but there is also a great need for us to respond to Christ….to His call on our lives…to the responsibility we have to the One who created us….and then came to share the good news with us.

The political incorrectness of the gospel is that a response is necessary…you must call upon the name of the Lord…you must choose to become part of the body. Otherwise you are outside of the Body of Christ…and will face eternity apart from Him.

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