Fremantle get ripped off…as per normal

I know I should expect it….but it still hurts.
Adam Goodes just about rips Selwoods head off (mmmm better not comment on that)…and gets nothing.
Heath Black gets cited for an incident…with NO FOOTAGE…and gets two weeks….
and this little gem from the weekend. Even the commentators…who did not even know the Fremantle players names, kept going on about how they could not believe the frees Fremantle were not getting, and the frees Brisbane were.

8 thoughts on “Fremantle get ripped off…as per normal”

  1. the whole Freo scene has such a culture problem! Always blaming everyone else for their problems. The Match Review Panel, the umpires, the time keepers 🙂

    i dont know anything about the black one, but i think goodes should have gone. Glad Mooney wasnt cited, though it was so soft it would have been a joke if he has been.

  2. maybe…..and I am willing to accept I am one eyed and biased…and too close to it to be objective.

    But there does seem to have been, for whatever reason, a general consensus that Freo cops it when others dont. Bruce Mc Arveney and Gerard Healy have stated this on numerous occaisions.

    It was rumoured that when Gary Ablett (senior) went up to the tribunal, the officials called him ‘sir” (probably just a rumour).

    but some players…ala Goodes, and some might even suggest Hall…seem to get an easier ride than others.

  3. “Heath Black gets cited for an incident…with NO FOOTAGE…and gets two weeks….”

    I don’t think you can be complaining about players getting rubbed out with no vision, do you?

    On Saintsational they say it’s a plot against the Saints (who are playing the Swans this week).
    Ahh, footy conspiracy. Don’t you love it!

  4. And whoever made the video should know we have Umpires, colloquially known as Umps in AFL.
    NOT REF’s.
    Drives me nuts that does.

  5. ablett was never favoured by the review panel. he got 7 weeks for elbowing someone once, when he threw his arm back whilst kicking the ball. would get two for it under the new interpretations I think.

    mind you when umpire Carey retired and was asked which player he most respected he said Ablett, as he never once back chatted or questioned an umpires call.

    unfortunately i dont know of any conspiracy theories against the cats….i know your former coach Connoley wants the father son rule scrapped because Geelong has done so well out of it. 🙂

  6. what, Goodes got OFF??!!!

    Didn’t see the Black incident…but if he got 2 weeks for no vision and Goodes got none, well that is just ridiculous.

    wow…I’m agreeing with Mark about a footy topic!

    Go Eagles;) (there, that feels better)

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