Wisdom, discernment and insecurity

The leader who has wisdom and discernment has a precious gift.
What strikes me about Jesus is that He knew what was in peoples hearts, and could get to the crux of the matter. People come with stated problems, and stated issues….but so often these are not the real issue.
Woman at the well: “Jesus, I need water”
Jesus: “What you really need is abundant life”
Result, woman goes off and brings whole village to Christ.

The leader who has insecurity often times makes decisions based on others opinions, rather than what they actually need. Their insecurity flavours their response to issues…and as they seek to make themself secure, maybe even ‘shore up’ their own personal situation, the overall group vision and direction suffers.
The life of King Saul
Result, a new leader is needed, or the group dissolves or at best stagnates.

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