Dangerous Church Acts 8

Acts 8 contains a fascinating story about Philip and Simon…the magician.
I am focusing on Simon this week to see how the church impacted his life and how the church was dangerous to Simon’s influence on the society around him.
I imagine he is a mix of David Copperfield and Steve Martins character in “Leap of Faith”.

Verse 12….was the power of Philip real…..well lets have a look at what the trickster thinks…

Either Simon was a trickster or he was summoning upon evil forces, we are not told….we are just told he performed magic….
What does he do….he watches intently and is truly amazed at what he sees Philip and the Apostle do.
A magician watches a real miracle worker and wonders how he does it…

This magician is watching Philip and cant work out how he does it, and comes to the conclusion that in fact he is not doing it, God is, and he believes.
He is amazed…

He truly believed and he was scared of the power of God…just as he saw and believed that the power of God was used by Peter for great and good things, he also recognized that God could make his money perish….
You see Peter saw into his heart, just as he had seen into Anninias heart and he knew what was really governing his life, money, infuence….this is what he was really concerned about…Yet at some point and in some way…he believed in the power of God.

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