Dennis the Menace

What a fascinating story this is. Another one for the “Pastor fallen from grace” file.

“The Blacks said Rev. Newman decided to resign after telling church leaders he had sexual relations with his new wife prior to their being married and after the church leaders advised he needed to either resign or face a church trial.” News Article

Dennis Newman was a popular minister of a large church in Chattanogga.
He resigned rather than face a Church Trial which is methodist speach for a disciplenary process.

A group of people have formed a breakaway group and their support for Dennis if strong.
One interesting comment is this one,

“…someone told me that Christ United Methodist will get a new pastor and everything will go back to normal.Well, not for me it won’t. I don’t go there to socialize and drink coffee and then listen to a talking-headbecause I am supposed to. That church is just a building without Dennis Newman. I’ve attended dozens of churches in the past 59 years and have never had someone touch me, teach me, and open my heart until meeting Dennis eight years ago. I will follow him wherever he goes to preach. I worship God and not the man, but my God choseDennis Newman to deliver his message to me.”

The rest of the comments are similar. Over at Backyard Missionary Hamo has a discussion on the cult of personality. This may be a story which supports his claims.

A sober reminder that your marriage is precious, and not to be taken for granted, especially as a Pastor.

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