How much is God….how much is us

Prepare for some unformulated ramblings and thoughts of reflection….

This week I have struggled with a few things as I prepared my message for today.
How much is us…how much is God?
As I read from Acts 8 we looked at the story of Philip and Simon the sorcerer.
If ever there was a passage which describes the difference between a magician and a miracle worker…this is it.

Yet Simon had much influence over his society…which proves you dont need God to have influence and lead people.
But leading people where God wants them to go….that takes miracles, not magic – doesn’t it?

Even in our own personal spiritual life, with our struggles….sometimes self discipline will get us through…sometimes it takes God….often we fail.

The other struggle is that it seemed Simon truly believed, despite his mixed up perceptions and money fulled desire to be able to impart the Holy Spirit. Peter could not give something he himself did not have….yet he did annoint people and the Holy Spirit did come upon them. So again…the tension between is it God, is it us.

Some pastors are so obviously gifted…not necesarily in a God empowered way…they are just smart, and good communicators…and they use their talents for the kingdom.
Me? I struggle…cant preach well without His presence and empowering. But then….when we have a smaller crowd in, its harder! It should not be. But it is…and surely that is the influence of human factors, not God…

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