Yorkshire Puddings…

Aaaaah..its an old art, and one worth learning. Most Wednesdays I cook for the family, and it is normally a roast. No roast worth its salt, particularly one served on a cold wet Perth night, is complete without Yorkshire Puddings. An old favourite, well worth the extra effort.
Cooking Tip: In order to get them just right, make sure mixture is left to stand for a few minutes

in the bowl. Then, oil your muffin tray (generously) and put it into a hot oven to pre-heat it. Then pour the mixture in……mmmmmm….

3 thoughts on “Yorkshire Puddings…”

  1. The longer you leave the batter, the better.

    I bet you don’t make them as good as my mum (she’s FROM Yorkshire!)

  2. Yes to both….I normally make batter first, and then prepare and roast everything else.

    I have no doubt your mums are superb!

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