HTC TyTN II is mine

After a rather unfortunate accident with my O2…..which I loved, the time had come to buy something else. What to do…the much vaunted I_Phone was the obvious option……but I just dont like it. I know it is a beautiful piece of art, I know it has freaky intuitive features…I know that if I had one I would be happy with it, as my friends are with theirs….but its just not me.

I like Windows OS….there I have said it…all you Apple freaks critique away.

So I bought this little beauty…Wi-fi, Free Included GPS with maps, Windows 06, ability to synch with outlook, a lovely little slide out keyboard, none of that ugly Blackberry look, but all the features…what is not to like? And….very reasonable price, especially if you buy over the net…as I did.

4 thoughts on “HTC TyTN II is mine”

  1. maybe i was overtly critical in my first impressions of the iPhone on my blog. As part of work I’ve now been given one to learn how it works so we can support them when managers have them.

    i still don’t like it… really don’t like it – but i have a little more appreciation for it.

    Biggest problem is that it’s slow… bringing up menus, opening settings, just every click and movement takes longer than it should (about 1 second to 3 seconds to bring up function screens – not web pages or anything).

    The touch keypad is the worst thing about it… i have a lot of trouble with it, even with the pretty smart spell fixer for when you hit the wrong keys… if you could use a stylus it would be much easier, but the touch screen must be heat sensitive because nothing but a body part will work!

    I’m not a big PDA fan in general, mainly cause i don’t have much use for them and can do most functions on my K800i standard mobile on the 3 network (email, facebook, news, calander).

    But i really struggle to see other than the ‘cool’ factor what iPhone has to offer over anything else.

  2. Mark – NO ONE like Windows Mobile. Wake up and smell the coffee


    Deano – I’ve been banned from the iPhone (until I can feed my Palm PDA to the dog or something), which means I can’t defend, but can give a wanna-own-one perspective.

    The main reason I want one is convergence. I use the iTunes store, so a phone that only plays WMA/MP3 is useless to me. I use a Mac, so a lot of the integration will be useful. Oh, and I make the occasional phone call and text – I’d go on a cheap plan if I was allowed.

    BTW, 1 million phones and the apps store sold 10 000 000 apps in the first weekend – something’s going on.

  3. I love windows 06……

    One key advantage….my htc has its own stand alone gps….and included maps. This means every time I use it, unlike Iphone…it costs me nothing…evertime you use your iphone gps…expect costs.

    Itunes? you joking or what?
    you can play them on your htc….just need to use the right program. cant plug your $40 headphones in it though!

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