Theres only one true Port club…

And they dont wear teal!!!

Great win today, without Pavlich! Jonathon Brown said that Pavlich would beat Port…..well Brownie….Freo beat Port…fair and square, with 16 individual goal scorers…a club record.
Crowley played a leaders game, Peake is back to his best. In fact Peake kicked a 65 metre goal! Thats extraordinary.

Farmer was typically unselfish and seems to have found some new life on the wing. Tarrant played as a team player. I was also impressed with Mark Johnson. One particular ‘bullocking’ goal where he bashed through 4 of the teal warriors and slammed it through typified Freo’s insistence that they were going to win today. Loved it……

Btw….I am sounding like a broken record, but Freo has the best group of young players coming through. Palmer, Ibbotson, Mayne and Warnock.

3 thoughts on “Theres only one true Port club…”

  1. oooh I reckon Essendon are up there with the good bunch of youngsters coming through.

    Aitkenson was fantastic on the weekend… and Reimer used those orange boots to kick 3 goals…

    One of my fondest childhood memories was watching my father kick 65-70m goals when he played for the airforce afl team… big goals are a beautiful thing to watch!

  2. what a great game. my heart was in my mouth when the bogans hit the front but we showed the spirit that’s been missing this year.

    i agree that johnson’s goal was magnificent. watching the bogan boys go down like a bunch of skittles was priceless.

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