One of the goals I have in church services is for the service to ‘flow’. With the use of multimedia, data projectors, mp3 music and other computer generated elements….there is always a possibility that something can go wrong.

Recently I made up an announcements video which I rendered…but when played on the presentation computer, for some reason, the text flashed up on the screen intermittently…which is not what it was meant to do! I re-rendered it…only to have it do the same thing. Sigh….

But then, I am not broadcasting to a audience of billions. The SMH reports that the picture above was spotted by a stack of people during the ceremony as one of the PC’s running XP (not vista) displayed the dreaded ‘blue screen of death’. This means Windows takes it on itself to shut the computer down. I find it amusing that the organisers of the games chose to not go with the new OS “Vista” because it is not stable enough!!!

The Bejing stuff up makes me feel a little better….if it can happen to them, my issues are not so big!

Ht Alex

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