Kerr to leave the sinking ship


Kerr….wants to be gorrrn.

Cant blame them really.
Worsfold has coached his side to the worst result ever. EVER.

West Coast have never had a worst season than 2008.

But of course…there is no pressure on the coach.

I think Worsfold is okay….I just cant stand the inequity in reporting. It grates me.

8 thoughts on “Kerr to leave the sinking ship”

  1. The Sunday Times screamed this morning “Freo foundations rocked with news Carr leaning”…yawn. Carr is past his prime and has not played well apart from 2 games this year.

    Neither Farmer nor Warnock are confirmed gone yet….

  2. Farmer now confirmed gorn.

    Along with Bell, J&M Carr, Black, Mark Johnson, McManus, Webster… probably add Dunn and Browne

    do we have enough draft picks?

  3. with our rookies and youngsters coming through…and the unfortunate ladder position we ended up with…we will be great.

    If Warnock goes…hopefully we will get some more good picks.

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