Busy busy busy

With Melinda’s Nanna passing away last week….things have been pretty rotten…as well as being busy around here.
I have just finished off the video for the service…..breathe out Mark!

About 20 hours of work into a 12 minute video. I did about 10 of those hours….the technical side. With such a big and sensitive family, its important to get a picture of everyone in it…..and to get the music and feel of it right.

I just got back from Pinnaroo funeral chapel making sure it is going to work. With all the issues with Codecs I have been having at church, I wanted to make sure there will be no problems with it. I have rendered it into 3 formats, just to make sure…….
I will put it online at some point for the family to be able to view if they cant get there on Friday.

One thought on “Busy busy busy”

  1. Mark,
    I understand the pressure you’re feeling – did the same for a funeral i did at pinnaroo a few weeks ago. I ended up taking a disk with ppt. and sound, ppt. with no sound and a separate dvd with it all together. In the end it all worked perfectly and the family loved it (and they used it to play on repeat back at the wake- and they can it keep forever too).

    all the best,

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