Busselton, Beer and Beautiful Weather

Seriously, the weather is beautiful if you are on holidays.

Unlike super old wimp Hamo, the Edwards family headed off to Busselton this weekend, to get away before the busyness of our Church Celebration Service, and following the busyness of our Church Merge.
I love the wind, scattered rain and cool of the South West.

I love the South West Ale found at the Bootleg Brewery,
I loved the indoor heated pool for the kids and family focus found at the Mandaly Resort

But most of all I love my wife and two beautiful children, and speading some time with them, and just them.

3 thoughts on “Busselton, Beer and Beautiful Weather”

  1. Hey mark,

    Have a great time in Busso, you deserve it mate.

    I’m blogging again. Stop by sometime – the blog AND my place while your down south.

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