We count our children

Paul Borden’s words ring in my ears, ‘you count what is valuable to you’.

On Sunday we served communion to over 140 adults, which means there were more than that there.
But I can tell you exactly how many kids were there. I can tell you their names. I can access their phone numbers and addresses.
This is because our Childrens worker counts them, and keeps a record of their visit.
They are valuable to us.
They mean the world to us.

But we will focus on children. They need to hear and respond to the gospel. Not in some sort of ‘Jesus Camp’ way, but in the sense that the Bible speaks of, letting the children come to Jesus.
Steve Addison asks the question, “Where are the children?”. Well, 59 of them where at Inglewood Community Church on Sunday, thats something to be proud of, something to take joy in.

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