Headed off to Subi with about 15, 000 other footy fans to see Freo beat the Colliwobbles.

Tough game, much tougher than last week against the weagles. Collingwood had come to play and win, despite leaving Rocca and Buckley behind.

Most impressed with Sandilands again, hit touch work to Haselby, Crowley and J Carr was exceptional.
Good to see the PAV back, had a solid game.

But the Wiz was great, hard working as always with 5 goals as his reward.
The whole team came right in front of me at 1/4 and 3/4 time. Could see the whiteboard. If I can work out how to get these photos off my mobile, I will post the pictures.
Also really good to see Rooky Duffield have a real impact. Will be a great player.

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