Sony Vegas Tutorials

What on earth did we do before the internet?
As the steep learning curve for Vegas continues, I found myself wanting to add some video effects to a loop I was making up for our new series.
What to do…google it of course. (Does anyone else use any other browser?)

There….found about 10 different You Tube and other videos which I could watch, showing me exactly what I needed to do…which is just as well because the help files are no good. They assume a lot of knowledge….Will show you the results just as soon as the file is rendered. Sony takes a lot longer to render videos that I have been used to, something to do with the greatly increased quality I suppose!

One thought on “Sony Vegas Tutorials”

  1. I think you mean ‘does anyone use any other search engine?’

    Short answer – no!

    The internet is great, and now it’s becoming useful on mobile devices it’s only getting more so. But I’ve become so used to it I get frustrated when i can’t find info I want, usually on older equipment that I need a manual or some specifications for.

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