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Hi all……
If you are a Baptist Pastor in Australia, and have not recieved the letter I have just sent, and would like to put your name on this letter….please let me know. Dissenting views are also okay!
I feel passionately about this. Its time we said something better about ourselves…because we are doing a great job as churches…..I intend to send this letter to our own BU WA council…and to the national union.

The Baptist Union Logo
Time for Change

According to the Baptist Union Website, “Australian Baptists today are a diverse community. During this twentieth century they have witnessed considerable growth, partly through immigration but also through vigorous evangelistic endeavours. Since the 1970s the impact of the charismatic renewal movement has led to changes in worship and leadership styles”

The Baptist Union is one of the few church denominations experiencing real growth in Australia. We have much to thank God for.

We have steadily grown into a contemporary and relevant movement, and it is time our logo represented us as we are today.

According to the Baptist Union Website our present logo is described thus.
“The circle represents the all-encompassing love of God and the world for which Christ died; the empty cross pointing to our resurrected Saviour and the significance of his death and resurrection for our life; and the open Bible to indicate that we are people of the Word. “

This logo has served us well for a number of decades, and yet it is time for it to more accurately present the vibrant and contemporary nature of our organization.

The following Baptist Pastors believe it is time we had a logo which sends the right message to a secular society, one that depicts us as we are, a relevant, contemporary, and vibrant Australian organization. We respectfully ask that a marketing company is commissioned to design a logo reflecting this which will replace the old one.

7 thoughts on “Proposed letter to BU”

  1. Totally agree. I’ve done a review of all the logos that State Unions use over at
    Most State Union’s themselves don’t even use it.
    It’s not the answer to the world’s problems but it is symptomatic of just how frozen in the past we are in many ways and how much of a hold an older generation has on our Union structures.
    If we had greater representation of age some younger people would have got that circa 1975 logo updated.
    It looks like it was created using the first ever desktop publishing clipart.
    Nice meaning, shame about the graphics.
    If you would like to see how websites were done 20 years ago visit the BU of A website…

  2. Matt, the message never changes.
    The BU logo was instituted in the 1970’s…not in Jesus’ day.
    Whatever logo we use to represent ourselves need to be reflective of who we are, and who we want to be, and how we wish to be known. This thread is about the fact our present logo has well and truly past its use by date.

  3. The logo is not the message, but if it is saying that Baptists are not willing to address the issues of the 21st century, it’s time to update. I’m happy to add my name.

  4. I don’t like your chances. I think the last effort was in about 2000, remember the Southern Cross thing.
    Then Victoria went off and did their own thing, South Australia will consider adopting a new logo at the November assembly. Once again it seems our autonomy is both a strength and a weakness.

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