Taking possession

The house is ours in about 12 hours……

We take possession of our new house today. The people we bought it off, and have been renting if off us for the last few months are moving out.

Tommorow a good mate is polishing the floors for us, that will take two days, and then the house will need to ‘sit’ for a week.

Then on the 24th the bathroom renovator is moving in, and we are forking over some hard earned cash for the bathroom reno, including a spa/bath/shower combo. This photo is the before shot. The roman bath is going, in fact everything is going. All the tiles, floor and wall are GONE. The vanity GONE, the toilet, GONE. All replaced with…..you guessed it, federation style. And if you did not guess that, you dont know my wife.

All very exciting. Mind you I am pretty grateful to still be in this house for the next three weeks, what with the heat, and the pool out the back. This pool has been wonderful over the summer.
My son has learnt to swim! I am so proud of him, and it has been a great place to live.

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