My name is Mark Edwards

I have started a new Facebook group, entitled, ‘My name is Mark Edwards’. The only requirement is that your name is Mark Edwards, middle name irrelevant….

I started it two days ago, and have six members so far, from all around the world.
I know this says something socialogical….but I dont quite know what, yet. If indeed it says anything.

I watched a facinating documentary last night on networks, and I was particularly drawn to the ideo of hubs of networks, entitled, “How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer“. “We used to think the way in which web pages, power grids and people tied together was more or less random. But recently two young physicists independently discovered that fundamental laws govern networks”

As I watched this fascinating documentary, the theory put foward was that everything in the world could be analysed in the paradigm of networks, and every network had hubs…or as I might designate them, hives of activity. The reference to Kevin Bacon is a throwback to the idea that every Hollywood Actor was seperated from Kevin by only a small amount of degrees.

This theory is fascinating in its application to church work.
Both in the church being a hub of activity within the community, and the leadership of the church. I believe in leadership through influence, consultation, prayer, community.

The position is nowhere near as important as the influence, and being a hub.

Edit: you can download this documentary here

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  1. Hi Mark, watched it too. Excellent stuff. It came as I have been looking into the theory of Tipping Points, and has some corollaries with the theory of hubs.

    I will be looking at our communication and home group strategy in the light of it!

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