Thoughts from Stuart Robinson

Stuart Robinson is the former Senior Pastor at Crossway Church, possibly the largest Baptist Church in Australia. But you could not find a more interesting heritage on the way to being a mega church pastor than Stuart.

He became a Christian when he was 18, after being raised in a distinctly rough and poor family. After some experiences, he became a missionary in flood ravaged Bangladesh.

He came and spoke to us pastors on some very interesting and stimulating points, including the vexed issue of pastors and finances……
here are some points he made…

Stuart Robinson
Crossway Church
those young people who give you the most grief…also become your best leaders

Persevere with those wo give you the most grief
The forrest is full of those with no church background
No sanctimonousjargon
If you promise something from the front..deliver it!
The two things we wont have in our church is Disunity….. or a negative attitude towards growth
If we just talk about faithfulness….its because we are not being fruitful
Affluence is a danger to the church…rich man has no need of God…crisis brings out the need for God
More muslims coming to Christ if there is a catastrophe….if they have a loving relationship with a Christian…and the signs and wonders of God
Dreams and visions are bringing many Muslims to Jesus
Conservative in theology radical in activity
Relocation to stir up the spiritual sludge
What does God want….have the people confirmed it?

Great story in the age about Stuarts seccession plan

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  1. there is a line in there about Baptists somewhere….but I am not going to touch it!

    I remember the first Hillsong conference I ever went to (10 years ago)….the publicity said that pastors might feel comfortable wearing suits…so I did….Big mistake….

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