a blended congregation

A great crowd in at church today. Despite the fact I am sick sick sick, it was great to be at church.

An interesting comment from a visitor, who normally attends another church.
His comment, you have a real mix of all types of people, and we do.

About 50 kids under 12, a stack of parents, a few (very few) 40-50’s and a good amount of the ‘silver hairs’.
It is truly a generational church.
We try hard to do the blended type service well.
Most church growth manuals tell you that this does not work.
But with our songs, our worship leaders pick a good mix, but they are down in a contemporary style….but this seems to resonate with 99% of people.
This morning I caught a senior lady singing along pre service to one of the newest songs we do. That made me feel great…..
I read a lot, and read widely, and I think there is truth is a lot of material. But somehow our church does not have to follow the rules.

4 thoughts on “a blended congregation”

  1. There is something really beautiful about being a part of a truly diverse community. And to sacrifice that for a church growth principle would be a sad thing indeed.

    Great to hear Mark!

  2. Like a good coffee blend a blended church has a great aroma, the aroma of Christ no less!

    “For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing” (2 Cor 2:15)

  3. I am thinking about what Warren said….you get what you aim for. Some take this to mean that you need to aim for a very specific demographic….maybe we are aiming for a blended congregation? One that allows for different people, while still maintaining a contemporary feel…

  4. Mark we too have well balanced mix of generations. Quiet a few in the 50's and a handful 60+. I reckon it's great personally.

    I wonder if you have noticed in your congregation it tends to work when the older "saints" embrace the heart of the church to reach out and include? Ie I will put aside my preference for my favourite hymn so we can reach the man and his family down the road?

    In other words, vision buy in > my wants.

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