Church today

Great day in church today.
The service seemed to ‘flow’….it seemed like seemingly radomn aspects of the service were all interelated and with common themes….
We introduced our Ministry Team Leaders and Leadership Team to the church, and stood and prayed for them all.

I served communion to all the leaders….who then in turn went on to serve communion to the congregation. It was a visual reminder that leaders are servants first…and not above anyone else….

Then…continuing the ‘flow’ thought…I then radomnly introduced a visitor from Brazil to another girl who came from Portugal…not thinking they spoke the same language…which of course they do. (duh!) and off they happily prattled to each other, and ended up organising for the visitor to attend a home group…God is good..and knows far better than me what needs doing.

Melinda made some incredible morning tea…..little savoury cheese, bacon, tomatoe scorll thingos…and some lemon butter scroll things…mmmmmm…scroll things…..

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