Easter at the Costellos

Easter lunch should be interesting with the Baptist Pastor Tim Costello voicing a strong opinion about the whole AWB scandal.

“The chief executive of World Vision Australia says the AWB kickbacks scandal has ruined Australia’s international reputation. Tim Costello, the brother of federal Treasurer Peter Costello, has addressed a Baptist Church forum in Adelaide. Reverend Costello says the AWB affair means Australia can no longer take the moral high ground in calling for fairer world trade markets. “It was [Trade Minister] Mark Vaile arguing not just for Australians but arguing for poor Africans and Asians,” he said. “The tragedy of the AWB is we’ve thrown away that high moral ground and our voice now just looks as dirty and muddied and sullied as anybody else.
“I literally weep over that.


Interesting comments on something which we probably thought we could get away with. I say we because we are Australians, and these people have represented themselves as Australians to the world, whether we like it or not.

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