Free church media Worship House Media

These guys are awesome….and funny.
They are giving away a free piece of media in December, as they did last year.
Good stuff at the best possible price!!

Worship House Media

3 thoughts on “Free church media Worship House Media”

  1. Thanks for the props. We think we are funny too! Well, we try at least… Since you linked to us in your blog, I made a special promo code for you and your readers. If you buy something at WorshipHouse and put in the promo code “marked35” upon checkout you will save 15%. Enjoy!
    -Dale at WorshipHouse

  2. Did you get any of the downloads from the first two weeks? Any that are outstanding?

    I had finals in seminary, and I missed a few downloads. Because I’m in seminar and have no cash, if you could help me out, that would be incredible.

    – Joel

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