My view of Riverview

Went to Riverview Church tonight with a couple of friends.
Some observations, interesting start to the service, very laid back, casual almost. Devotions and prayer to start, then a couple of worship songs before Mark gave the message. Preaching on Colossions, a good message on needing to have our foundations right, in a world of varying worldviews. Despite all the warnings (!) there was very little made of the offering, just a gentle reminder of the need to give to God, tastefully done.

Bit suprised at the lack of audience participation, particularly the singing, only people really getting into it were those nearer to the front. But maybe that is who Riverview is reaching, those not used to Church.

Overall a good experience, with some good lessons for me in my own circumstances.
Sorry that Phil wasn’t speaking, must go one night when he is on.

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