Enjoying Christmas

How would it be if you put on a beautiful birthday party for your son.
All the trimmings….you invite his friends, you wrap his presents, you prepare wonderful food.

Then after the day is finished, you turn to your son and you say, “I hate your birthday, its such a hassle”…..

enjoy the day….enjoy Jesus’ birthday…its fantastic!

5 thoughts on “Enjoying Christmas”

  1. I love Christmas – the whole darn thing – carols, shops, vibe, food, presents, busy, break ups, decorations, preaching about Jesus … etc etc etc

  2. Nah, not a Christmas fan – …. at all. We’ll celebrate it as a family (not the birth of Christ)but all the @@@@@@@@!!

    I struggle with Wayne’s comment – thanks for bringing some focus – on what, the myth that surrounds His birth?

    Drop the tinsel and hit the streets.

    The Grinch.

  3. He came

    We celebrate that
    The date..probably wrong
    The myths…mostly incorrect

    The Biblical account, accurate.
    I celebrate that, and choose to do it at the same time as many others.

    You can let the commmercialism get you down, or you can ignore it and celebrate the day anyway…

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