Awesome Sunday at church

We had a great day at church on Sunday.
Some things I can tell you about, some things best kept from huge public audience that read this blog (!)

A great time of worship, the band sounded great, and their was a real sense of freedom there, led ably by Eliot, who allowed space and freedom….great!

A good story of two told…and a good message on meditating on scripture, you can download it from our church website

About 10 visitors, including some real special people, which I can’t go into here….but I am hoping they stick around, because together, we could make some awesome differences in our community….

The air conditioning kicked the 38 degree day out of the park…something we have not had the luxury of before….

3 thoughts on “Awesome Sunday at church”

  1. Hey I’m part of your huge public global audience (in London, UK) it sounds like it was a great Sunday. Out of interest how did the visitors find your church? My own church grew 50% in 1 year because we got a new website through – Church Websites. They gave us a fantastic tip. Make a page on your site called Visitors and on that page try and answer all the key questions that potential visitors have that stop them coming through the door on a Sunday. We found this made a massive difference! They’ve also got 20 pages of free tips you (and your readers) can get at Church Website Design tips.
    We had a Christmas guest service on Sunday with illusionist Steve Legg – he was very very funny. Although as we had carols instead of normal worship that bit wasn’t as free or with space like yours.

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