The gospel driven church and why people may hate us….

This is an interesting blog….
here he defends Rick Warren and makes some good points…..

“No stranger to getting flamed by church people indignant over his writings and methods, Warren is now getting flamed by some very vocal supporters of President-elect Obama because he (Warren) is pro-life and against gay marriage. Shocker, I know.”

“Here’s the thing: Warren is not saying anything outrageous for a Christian minister. He is simply, as most evangelical Christians do, saying that babies should get to live and that homosexual behavior is sin. That he is getting branded a radical hatemonger for these things should tell us a lot about the culture we live in, which — PAY ATTENTION HERE — doesn’t care if you’re a cool, goatee-sporting, social justice loving, Obama voting Christian. If you simply follow the Bible’s counsel about life and sin, you’re Hitler.” (Source)

It was really interesting to me that Obama mentioned ‘gays’ specifically in his presidential speach.

This is not a gay bashing site….there are plenty of them around, and this is not one of them.

But a Christian minister should stand up for something, namely that the Bible is true…and God does not like sin……..Rick Warren is probably one of the sharpest Christian minds of our generation, and when interviewed, I have not seen him slip up. I dont think he did in this context either….but what he said may very well be offensive.

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  1. unfortunately, quite a significant portion of the global christian church, who agree with you that the Bible is true, would disagree with you as to what the Bible truly means when it comes to many social issues and practices including homosexuality within a monogamous, committed, sacrificial, and loving context.

    That’s the sort of thing that makes it hard to make blanket statements like… “if you simply follow the Bible’s counsel about life and sin…”

    complicated regardless. peace Matt

  2. I dont want this to become a debate into the sin or not of homosexuality, so I do not want debate on that on this blog.

    but in my view and Rick Warrens, and most church leaders, the bible is very clear on God’s view on the practice of homosexuality, as it is on His view of pornograhy, alcohilism, greed, gossip etc….but despite our sin, He loves us all.

  3. What I’ve found is that in certain denominations (like Church of Christ, Baptist, Assemblies of God), “most church leaders” agree that the “bible is clear on God’s view on the practice of homosexuality…” however, in other denominations such as Anglican/Episcopalian, Uniting, Catholic there is a much broader spectrum of biblical/theological understanding on these issues.

    So my point is – it’s not that cut and dry to be able to claim “most church leaders” believe the bible is clear – so when Obama makes reference to “gays” in his speech – he might actually have the support of many bible-believing church leaders, from other parts of the ecclesial kingdom…. not that there’s anything wrong with that (ahhh the teachings of St. Seinfield is still relevant today 😉 matt

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